Oracle Card Reading for Beginners Workshop

February 4 @ 2:00 pm 5:00 pm AEDT

$60 AUD
Learn at Mystical Dragon
22 Heversham Drive
Seaford, VIC 3198 Australia
03 9782 5091
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Oracle cards are a tool for divination and introspection. They are a system of divination that are typically drawn from a deck of 78 cards. They were originally used for fortune-telling, but can be used for a variety of purposes, such as self-reflection, meditation, and finding your true calling.

The Oracle Card reading workshop is a brief introduction to oracle cards and how to choose a deck and work with its energy. It also provides a brief history of oracle cards and teaches how to dedicate and protect your deck.

The workshop provides some reading practice tips for beginner oracle card readers. You will also be introduced to basic three and five card spreads as well as plenty of time to learn and practice how to read your Oracle Cards. 

Book now and learn how to use Oracle Cards to tap into your inner wisdom, gain clarity and intuition, and find answers.

Channelled Spiritual Guidance with Jennifer

February 17 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm AEDT

$50 AUD
Learn at Mystical Dragon
22 Heversham Drive
Seaford, VIC 3198 Australia
03 9782 5091
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This Channelled Spiritual Guidance Event is an evening of sharing spiritual wisdom and support on how to work with the elements and energies of the year ahead in 2023. Jennifer, a highly respected spiritual medium, will channel messages from High Vibrational Spiritual Beings and the Council of Nine, and advice from the Star Beings.

Jennifer will be sharing her trance channelling abilities for a night of channelling Spirit’s Guidance to help address the questions:

  • What is coming for the world in the year 2023?
  • What do we need to know?
  • In 2023 what is changing?
  • What is going to happen?
  • How can you best prepare?

After the tumult of past few years, Spirit are reaching out again to help us re-find our feet and integrate the long lessons we have passed through. 2023 is full of hope for those willing to embrace living their most genuine expression of who they truly are!

Come join us for a night of Spiritual wisdom and insight!

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Sometimes you just need some extra Magickal support

In going back into Lockdown stage 3 restrictions, with masks now being mandatory, I’ve been feeling the wave of collective frustrations and worry surging though the community. I usually can stay well grounded and centred but my empathic side is feeling the strain of trying to remain uplifted during these troubling times with all that emotional energy.

We’ve also had significant gamma surges in the Schumann resonance almost on a weekly basis throughout 2020 so far, and we just passed though some intense cosmic influences, not least the cancer new moon a few of days ago. There is a wash of both strong positive and negative energy influences affecting us collectively and well, I really feeling it.

It is in times like this that my Spirit Guides do what they do best, by providing support and guidance about how to work with all these energies.

The result of that spiritual guidance is this lovely crystal charm they suggested I make. I hand wrapped this with wire to make it into a pendant charm I can wear closest to where I needed it – my heart charka. My Spirit Guides suggested the choice of crystals being; Bloodstone and Chrysoprase.

My lovely magickal crystal charm radiates healing and soothing energy to cleanse and realign my lower chakras with the heart, balancing these charkas and energies to assist overcoming any distress or anxiety through the Bloodstone. The loving joyful and abundant energy of the Chrysoprase promotes happiness and brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, while helping to heal the heart of the energy of stress.

I’ve often found that the best magick is that worked out of need – and I can truly say that with this little beauty. I feel so blessed to be supported in Spirit like this. They always have advice to help find the path forward. For me, this has helped integrate the present intense energies and circumstances back to a point I can re-claim the peace in my heart and truly feel the divine flow and trust its deeper truth – that we will get through this okay.

What has your intuition or Spirit Guides suggested to you, to assist you during these intense times?

Love, Light and Blessings,