Soul Healing Intensive Program (Individual)

$ 980.00

Live ONLINE 5 Stage Program by private online appointment.

The Soul Healing Intensive Program (S.H.I.P) for Individuals is a personalized healing journey through five stages of soul healing empowerment. These stages are purification, respite, protection, renewal, and initiation. Each stage is covered in an 1-hour private online session with Jennifer that can be completed at your own pace over/up to 8 weeks.

Participants also receive each stage:

  • An MP3 audio recording of the live healing session.
  • A 10-minute meditation track (MP3) for daily practice.
  • A manual; includes notes for daily integration practice and spiritual selfcare, power affirmations, and crystal healing grid images for use at home.

Those who take part in the Live Online 1-1 S.H.I.P will additionally benefit from:

  • extra personalised power affirmations.
  • a personalised meditation track (MP3) for deepening one’s sense of spiritual empowerment.
  • a personalised crystal healing grids photos to work with from home.


The Soul Healing Intensive Program, aka SHIP

This Lightwork program is a SHIP, or a way to transport your soul from one conscious stage to the next. Specifically, this SHIP is an intensely fast Spiritual Transformation Process which takes your soul to its new destination and helps you advance rapidly along the spiritual journey. The process was channelled through Jennifer’s connection with Star Beings, Deity, Angels and Ascended Masters who guide her and assist with her Lightwork. Interestingly, Spirit call participants Crew Members and believe that this Soul Healing Intensive Program is important ascension training for those in tune with their higher selves and seeking to build up spiritual momentum positive life change.


The Soul Healing Intensive Program operates through five stages (one per week) – namely Purification, Respite, Protection, Renewal and Initiation. Crew Members are given live online healing sessions as well as instructions for daily meditations/spiritual practices which includes meditation tracks and affirmation power words among other things; all conveniently outlined in a manual they can keep at home too!

The 5 Stages of Healing Empowerment covered in SHIP are:

  1. Purification: Soul Light Purification and Karmic Clearing
  2. Respite: Merit Transference and Karmic Dispensation
  3. Protection: Armour of the Light Warriors; a Blessing of Light, Protection and Refuge
  4. Renewal: Soul Rejuvenation and Soul Path Alignment Healing
  5. Initiation: Gaia Earth Mother Blessing, Ascension Light Code Activation, and Planetary Lightwork Initiation.

What makes the 1-1 Soul Healing Intensive Program different than a regular Group SHIP?

In this program, you’ll have one-hour private online sessions booked when it suits your schedule. You can take as much time as you need to work through all five stages—giving yourself up to eight weeks to finish all five stages. As a member of the 1-1 SHIP crew, you’ll get everything available on a group SHIP — with bonus benefits including additional bespoke resources and materials specially and individually created for those enrolled in this program. These include Power Affirmations for personal growth; audio tracks for deepening spiritual empowerment; personalized crystal grids for use at home; and more. After completing the Program, 1-1 SHIP crew will receive a certificate confirming their completion of the program.


If you’re going solo, then this is the perfect opportunity for making lasting changes in your life through deep insights and transformational guidance from Jennifer – all tailored just for YOU!

Program Syllabus:

What is provided at each Stage:

  • Live Online 45-minute Healing Broadcast Session
  • An MP3 audio recording of the Healing Broadcast
  • A 10-minute Meditation track (MP3) for daily practice
  • A Manual; includes notes for daily integration practice and spiritual selfcare, Power Affirmations and crystal healing grid image for use at home.

1-1 SHIP crew members also receive:

    • extra personalised Power Affirmations,
    • a personalised hypnosis track (MP3) for deepening your spiritual empowerments, and
    • a personalised crystal healing grid photo to work with at home.

Stage One: Purification – Soul Light Purification and Karmic Clearing

Stage One tackles the burdens and blockages affecting your Ascension progress that are a result of things external to you. The healing work aims at cleansing your body (on all levels) of attachments, cords, implants, entities as well as allaying karmic issues such as, curses, hexes or ill-will. This also includes liberating oneself from what had been there for generations in terms of clearing up generational Karma; old vows and soul contracts that are no longer necessary. Soul Light Purification is about returning you to a clear state of soul sovereignty; clears you from anything interfering with your ability to express yourself fully in your life.

Stage Two: Respite – Merit Transference and Karmic Dispensation

The Healing Blessings in Stage Two are healing processes we use to address aspects of our soul journey that we still have responsibility over. These include soul or life lessons and personal karma which must be resolved through experience. For many light workers, this can be processed through astral dreamwork or meditation, instead of struggling through it in 3D reality every day. The Healing Blessings allow us to lighten our load and draw out greater wisdom so that we more efficiently navigate these aspects of our soul journey, transforming how these unfold for us. This leads to transformations of how these obstacles present themselves as well— including reducing the chance they’ll present as an obstacle altogether. A merit transfer and karmic dispensation can effectively reduce or eliminate obstacles, delaying them until a time when your soul is able to breeze through them without much hardship—completing the necessary karmic resolutions required before moving forward.

Stage Three: Protection – Armour of the Light Warriors; a Blessing of Light, Protection and Refuge

Stage Three teaches us about the importance of shelter from what can seem like a cold and cruel world. When people are undertaking great things, such as being lightworkers, they will inevitably face opposition from those who are not so nice- but we won’t give up! So, when faced with evil and these difficult obstacles – which seems inevitable even though lightworkers take precautions such as shielding themselves using meditation – it becomes imperative that you learn how to find shelter from the storm.

But luckily, there are Spiritual Beings of kindness and benevolence- from The Forces of Light, Ascended Masters to others – ready to lend a helping hand during these dark times. One way they do so is through the blessing known as ‘The Blessing of the Armour of the Light Warriors.’ It strengthens one’s will power and resolve, blessing us with an intense power that pushes us forward no matter how much difficulty or hostility there may be on our way. Stage Three also helps reinforce your sense of independence and connects you with a group of Protectors and Shields of Light – all capable of providing continual protection against negative energies surrounding you – all without fail or hesitation.

Stage Four: Renewal – Soul Rejuvenation and Soul Path Alignment Healing

Stage Four focuses on easing the sense of disillusionment some Lightworkers often feel. The healing encourages you to reconnect with your own inner source for abundant energy and soul light. This healing helps release deep emotional scars from the soul and alleviates stress-related conditions such as exhaustion, burnout, or compassion fatigue. When we are burnt out due to a lack of resources, energy or time, it becomes difficult to perform acts of generosity and kindness towards others. This particular stage is focused on helping you connect with yourself more deeply while also aiding you in returning to the right path if you’ve wandered too far away. Reconnecting with your higher self blueprint becomes important here – the Soul Path Alignment Healing helps draw in your higher self blueprint and align you closer than ever before, which results in increased awareness of one’s own purpose so you can follow through while also gaining back what you may have lost due to despair, stress or fatigue.

Stage Five: Initiation – Gaia Earth Mother Blessing, Ascension Light Code Activation, and Planetary Lightwork Initiation.

Stage five is an intense Light Initiation and Ascension Light Code Activation to greatly empower your ability to project and broadcast your intent with much more intensity, strength, and range than before. The Planetary Lightwork Initiation grants deeper connection to the Earth’s ascension grid and deepens your alignment to Gaia’s ascension process. When you are deeply attuned to Gaia and the planetary ascension network, your earth healings become profoundly amplified which enhances positive intent and healing sent out across vast distances. By doing this you can affect change at large scales; accelerating humanity’s awakening with spiritual upliftment. The Initiation widens your energy field; increasing your awareness and sensitivity to accept guidance from both Higher Dimensional Beings and galactic Star Beings assisting with humanity’s transition here on planet Earth. Stage Five closes with a blessing from Gaia herself – who wishes nothing but success for all our future endeavours.

Would you prefer to work with a Group Energy? Group SHIP: See How You Can Evolve In Five Weeks Here.



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Additional information

What You Need

>>A quite comfortable space; for receiving distant healing and for meditation
>> Journal and pen
>> Water


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