Chakra Healing Journey 10 Week Course

$ 250.00

10 Week Course held on Wednesday Nights, starting Wednesday 19 August 2020 at 7pm – 8pm.

This Healing Journey course provides a structured healing process for repairing, balancing and strengthening the chakras to assist people needing to build themselves up again to endure the social and earth changes of the coming months and into 2021. These energetic earth changes are seen most obviously though the Schumann resonance, which has been peaking on and off throughout 2020, in particular, and these bursts of energy moving through Gaia are connected to humanity’s ascension process. Therefore, having your chakras and energy field open and flowing will allow you to integrate these energies more easily.

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The Chakra system circulates energy through our bodies and energy field (Aura) to maintain our vitality and wellbeing. When we experience prolonged stress, it affects us on a spiritual and energetic level also, not just mentally and emotionally; which can be experienced as blockages or imbalances in our chakras. These blockages and imbalances then restrict the flow of energy through our bodies and, in turn, we feel more fatigued, vulnerable or raw emotionally, depressed and unwell. Over time our ability to cope becomes less and less.

It then takes time, effort and intention to heal and clear the chakras to bring them back into a balanced harmonic flow that strengthens and supports our vitality and wellbeing. When we are feeling vital, energized and balanced we become more resilient to stress and are better able to cope with stressful circumstances. We think clearer and are better able to develop creative solutions to our situations we face in daily life.

This course is facilitated by Jennifer and will be provided live online over 10 weeks using Zoom, where each week we focus on healing and restoring one chakra, from; the Earth Star Chakra right through to the Soul Star Chakra. The session will incorporate the use of color, charka yanta symbols, sound, crystals, focused intention and breathwork energy meditation to repair, balance and activate the charka of focus for the session. Distant Energy Healing will also be provided by Jennifer to partcipants during the sessions also.

Read more about the Chakra Healing Journey course syllabus.

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