Akashic Records Journeywork 10 Week Online Course

$ 300.00

This is a personal, in-depth transformation and healing journey course with a focus on self-discovery and healing.

The course is designed to help students develop greater confidence and understanding of working with the Akashic Records for personal and spiritual development and healing.

This workshop runs for 1.5 hours every Tuesday at 7pm for 10 weeks starting on 12 Oct 2021 and is being held live online via Zoom.

Course Prerequisite: the “Learn to Access the Akashic Records” workshop


Tickets sales close Monday 11 Oct 2021 at 5pm.

For students wishing to repeat the course; places are open to allow you to do that and go even deeper into your Akashic Record exploration.

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This course is open to students who have completed the “Learn to Access the Akashic Records” workshop, as we will be using the meditation ritual taught in the workshop. The course provides a structured exploration and practice of accessing your Akashic Records’ vast wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and healing so that you may achieve joy, inner peace and fulfilment.

Each week we focus on specific aspects of your Akashic Records, taking the time to discuss working with that aspect followed by undertaking a ritual mediation journey to explore that aspect. The journeywork is followed by personal time to journal your experiences and a group debrief.

Additional information

Using Zoom

To attend this course live online you will need either a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet device that has internet access, microphone and webcam or built-in camera.

You will be sent the Zoom Meeting invite by email prior to the event which includes all the information required to login to the event.

The first time you click on the meeting link and you are new to Zoom, you will be taken to the Zoom website to install the Zoom Client (on phones and tablets you will be taken to install the Zoom App).

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