Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

Deity, Angels and Spirit Guides have a lot to share when it comes to providing advice and guidance to help you solve your issues. Their messages are empowering, often focusing on the wisdom, understanding and practicalities that will be of greatest assistance to your wellbeing.  I should know having grown up under their careful tutelage of meditation training, developing and practising my natural psychic abilities for over 25 years now.

My personal psychic development journey has allowed me to become gifted in perceiving spiritual energy, auras, psychic energies, spirit manifestations and working with psychometry. I work comfortable across a wide spectrum of spiritual psychic energies, which allows we to work with Deities, Angels, Animal and Spirit Guides, Fae and Dragon kin, as well as traditional mediumship. I am a Professional Accredited Member of IICT.

Have you found yourself at a cross-road?

Are you having trouble with your Life, Family and Relationships, Wellness or Career?

Have you been looking for good psychic advice?

A psychic clairvoyant reading can help provide you with insight and a deeper understanding of what is currently affecting you and where you are heading, with advice and information to help you make better choices and help you take wiser action. Think of your reading as a really power set of headlamps that can help you see the path you are currently on more clearly and the choices/options and situations that you will be approaching.

A great psychic clairvoyant reading doesn’t fix you into a “fate “but actually gives you the tools and information you need to help you make the best choices for yourself, that is, a great psychic clairvoyant reading empowers you achieve the solutions to your problems.

During a private consultation, I bring together all my psychic abilities to tune into the best Spiritual connection specifically for you that can provide the most empowering and useful reading for you.

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I would like to connect with a Loved One in Spirit, can you connect with them?

This type of reading is a traditional mediumship reading, and yes I can do that. It is best that you come prepared as I work with psychometry to get the best connection, which means you need to bring  a photo of them or an item that belonged to them. Many Loved Ones in Spirit are residing in the Light close to the earth plane and are easy to connect with. However some Loved Ones are deep within the Light receiving healing or have chosen as Souls to incarnate again into the Soul Journey process and no longer attach to the life you knew them as. In these situations, I am informed and will not be able to make a direct spirit connection to your Loved One.  In all my years of giving readings, I’ve had only two clients where this occurred; one, a suicide case and the other, was a client who felt her mother wasn’t around her anymore and wanted me to check why, and it was a situation where the mother’s soul had incarnated.

Are group reading bookings available?

Group bookings or group readings are not available. I respect the personal nature of much of the information that can come in during a reading and therefore treat each reading as private and confidential.

Do you record readings?

No. However you are welcome to bring along your own voice recording device. Many clients use their smart phone to record their readings, provided they are in flight mode/silent/do not disturb mode so that alerts, calls or messages do not disrupt the reading.