Spiritual Clearing

Spiritual Clearing sessions are based on Intuitive Spiritual Healing. These tailored sessions focus on clearing any psychic attack, unwanted psychic or energy attachments, including negative entities, cords or implants.

The mission of these session is primarily of healing, but importantly, also of helping clients gain knowledge to protect themselves long-term.

These negative energies interfere with your wellbeing and health, sometimes making you feel deeply unsettled and often affecting your karma also. During a spiritual clearing, karmic clearing or healing past-lives can also be involved.

A Spiritual Clearing draws on many energy techniques to clear the person and Jennifer leaves you with a blessing of spiritual and psychic protection before you leave. This returns you to a state of sovereignty over your energy field.

Jennifer will also spend time helping you understand why you became vulnerable to these attacks and will teach you methods to empower yourself so that you can develop and strengthen your own psychic protection.

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