Many people have this misplaced idea that when a person has hypnosis they will be made to do things they don’t want. It’s simply untrue as all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, in that your subconscious will not integrate any idea that you do not already have some belief or resonance with.

Hypnosis is very useful in clearing out the mental baggage you carry around, especially when it comes to clearing a path to an improved way of thinking and wellbeing.
During a Hypnosis Healing; you will gain clarity about what is blocking you and together we work towards a new way of thinking about that block, often giving it a transformative symbol and narrative. Using guided visualisation meditation to assist you to enter the self-hypnotic state and the suggestions worked out, hypnotherapy provides to your subconscious a way to assist you in integrating the new symbol embodying your new chosen way of thinking.

Hypnotherapy works best with repetition, so you will be asked to attend another session or be given a simple meditation or affirmation to work with at home, to strengthen the integration.

Jennifer received her hypnosis training from Elizabeth Jenson.

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