Dragon Healing

Dragons are very misunderstood Spiritual Beings. They are generally distant from the earth plane due to the harshness of most of humanity. There are those of the Dragon Kin who persist in helping humans and are very much wise and caring Spiritual Beings.

Amanda Godfrey of Mystical Dragon teaches a Dragon connection program which includes training in working with Dragons for spiritual healing. Jennifer undertook this program in 2018.

On a personal level, Jennifer has a wonderful connection with many Dragons in Spirit and they work with her for more than just healing work. Dragon Kin are very dear to Jennifer.

A dragon healing involves calling forth your Dragon connections, in particular your healing dragon. Jennifer will also work with her healing Dragons during a session. During a Dragon Healing, the healer may be directed to use crystals, in particular the Dragon Stone, and other vibrational tools like essential oils essences.

Dragon Healings are powerful for spiritual clearing and cleansing, being very effective in removing negative energies. 

You will leave a Dragon healing feeling very safe and protected, calm and peaceful.

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