Private Consultations

Sometimes you know you need something *more* but don’t know exactly what will help you, and I get that. Sometimes you just need that extra personal attention to solve your issues, and I get that too.

Having that chaotic feeling, like all the elements of your life are spinning out of control, is called a spiritual crisis. For those experiencing a spiritual awakening, it can also trigger a healing crisis where your body takes on a physical expression of the spiritual purge. This purge, the shedding of what no longer serves you, is more severe when you resist the transformational process for fear of change.

You feel unsettled, your energy is out of whack and you’re drained – you feel soul weary.

And yet… there is this ‘urge’ within you to DO something…. Now!

I’ve spend years learning and training in a number of spiritual healing systems and techniques, as well as cultivating my natural psychic abilities. I have even development my own Spiritual system, Light Dynamics. Out of all the things I have in my spiritual tool box, there is something in there for you … to assist you – to facilitate your innate healing abilities and to deepen your understanding of what is going on spiritually for you. 

During a private consultation, we spend an hour together addressing your issues and tailoring a spiritual healing or reading to provide you with the wellbeing, energy, clarity and peace that lets you get back to being the best of you. During a private consultation, you can shift into wellness, that happy vibrant and expansive feeling just like standing in bright sunshine under an open sky.

Sometimes that means I work with energy techniques for healing, clearing and balancing, guided visualisation and hypnosis to help reframe your mental focus, or I work with Deity and Spirit to provide you with the spiritual guidance and personal teachings you need to achieve your best wellness outcome.

I feel both privileged and excited when I witness my clients have their Inspired Moment during a private consultation.  I love bringing together all I have to assist you in achieving your Inspired Moment – the break through – that lets you shift into your amazing spiritual wellbeing potential. 

Private consultations for Spiritual Healing and Readings are available by appointment on my Client Days throughout the year. Check out my booking page to see my available dates and arrange a time to see me soon. 


Bright Blessings,