Online LIVE Guided Ritual: Journey the Labyrinth with Goddess Hecate

Next Ritual: 7:00pm – 8:00pm Friday 8 May 2020

This ritual is held only once each year

Join us for a truly magickal evening meditation ritual journey into the Labyrinth with the Goddess Hecate.

The Labyrinth is an ancient and sacred practise of seeking answers and guidance. The Goddess Hecate is the light bearer who guides us when we feel we are lost or troubled in darkness.

Each year Jennifer normally facilitates a full labyrinth ritual ceremony, however this year we will be meeting online to take this spiritual journey with the Goddess Hecate. Participants will be able to follow along at home as Jennifer guides everyone into a magickal and sacred inner space allowing deep personal connection to Goddess Hecate and take a guided meditation journey through the Sacred Labyrinth for answers and illumination.

There will be time after the meditation journey to journal your inner experiences and insights.

This online ritual evening is a perfect opportunity to allow you to quietly and with ceremonial reverence undertake this sacred ancient practise with Goddess Hecate lighting your way to the answers and guidance you seek.

It is recommended that participants of this ritual only have a light meal, avoid too much caffeine and drink plenty of water before the ritual, to help raise their vibrations to get the most out of the session.

What you need:

  • One white candle
  • Journal and pen


You may choose to set up your own altar at home with a statue or image of the Goddess Hecate and a picture of a Labyrinth. It is ideal to have some food and drink ready for grounding after the ritual.

Only $25/person to attend online and bookings are essential.