Light Dynamics Practice Nights

Light Dynamics is a spiritual system to activate higher states of consciousness, powerfully reconnect with Source and prepare for Ascension. Jennifer founded and teaches Light Dynamics. Practice nights are held throughout the year to give students an opportunity to share in group meditations, discussions on spiritual topics and Light Dynamics Healing swaps. Participants require to have completed a minimum of Light Dynamics Level One to attend these Practice Nights.

Light Dynamics Practice Nights provide Students with ongoing support and the opportunity to work with Light Dynamics in a group setting. Practice Nights include discussion time so that students can ask questions regarding their practice of Light Dynamics, a short meditation – providing new and interesting ways to work with the Light Dynamics meditations techniques – and for In-Person Nights will end with time for Light Dynamics healing practice.

Due to COVID Social Distancing, two types of group practice nights will be held from June 2020:

  1. Live Online Meditation and discussion Group Practice Nights, $20 per person – 1 hr
  2. In-Person Meditation and Healing swap Group Practice Nights, $20 per person – 1.5 hrs

In-Person Group Practice Nights are strictly limited to 10 people, whereas no limit applies to the Live Online Group Practice Nights. In-person Practice Nights will implement Social Distancing guidelines.

These new arrangements mean you will need to book and purchase your tickets online below for both types of Practice Nights.

Light Dynamics Practice Nights Dates & Tickets:

Light Dynamics Practice Night, live online, $20 pp
7 pm Live Online via Zoom

If you are new to Light Dynamics you can learn more about courses at the official website.