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Lughnasadh Blessings to you!!

May Your Heart Be Full Of Joy & Blessings

We start February with the Sabbat of Lughnasadh and a Leo Full Moon on the 6th. 

This is a time to count our blessings and recognise our lives are full of wonders, some big and some small – but wonders none the less. The Sabbat of Lughnasadh is a harvest festival and is a time for feasting and celebrating our wins. As you reflect, let joy into your heart and allow yourself to feel deeply the fulness of life supporting and nourishing you.

The Leo Full Moon can be a bit drama filled for some; however, I encourage you to connect with the wildly confident and sparkly energy of Leo to swell you up with positive energy and momentum. We are clear of planetary retrogrades so please use this energy for drive you to doing and implementing and building all the things you’ve planned, mapped out or put in your vision board. Be brave and get busy as a bee to step through the manifesting energy that will definitely be flowing -> embrace the synchronicities and divine timings through February this year.

I’m extra excited as The Manifestation Hour will be held on the Leo Full Moon!! That means we’ll have super vibrant and strong energy supporting our meditation manifesting goals – Woot! (Have you signed up yet?)

The New Moon in Pisces is on 20 February and is a perfect time to focus on personal aspirations that express the positive energy flowing through the New Moon. This means being prepared to take those risks and being more tolerant to imperfections seeing them as all part of the soul learning. It’s also a great time to implement highly creative works and projects or even get crafty to harness that inspiring and creative energy. The watery flowing aspect of the Pisces New Moon also gives us an opportunity to consciously set aside time for peaceful and rejuvenating self-care, and sharing our dreams with others.

Also mark your Calendars, as I’ll be doing a Channelling Night at Mystical Dragon on Friday 17 Feb 2023. We start at 7pm and Spirit have already let me know they will be sharing some important information about what’s headed our way for 2023, ascension preparation, and how best to prepare for what is coming. Head over to Mystical Dragon’s Channelling Night page to book in. 

With this potent energy through February, we have the chance to set in motion important changes in our lives in deep alignment with the Divine flow and our Soul purpose.

Remember to check out all events happening this Feb.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

Many Blessings,


PS: I made a new Meditation for you all –>