Channelling Evening with Jennifer

Next Channelling Night: TBA for 2020

Jennifer channels messages from the Galactic Federation of Light (in particular “the Council of Nine” and other Star Beings of the Light-worker Spiritual Support Network) which provide ongoing support and guidance to those drawn to awaken themselves and others; those drawn to work for the spiritual benefit of themselves and the world.

Channelling sessions with Jennifer are always very enlightening and there will be opportunity to ask these Star Beings questions directly pertaining to the awakening process and what you can do personally for you Ascension preparation. Quite often these channellings involve powerful energy attunements given directly by the Star and Light Beings to attendees, to heal and align the mind, body and Spirit.

Channelling nights are typically held at Mystical Dragon in Seaford, Victoria and Jennifer tends to hold these events a couple of times a year. The event is only $50p/person to attend and bookings are essential.

What is trance channelling?

Trance channelling involves the medium, in this case Jennifer, becoming a conduit to the highest and purest of energies. She allows her conscious awareness to step aside so that high level beings may step into her body and speak through her. Jennifer does NOT use channelling as a means of bringing through deceased loved ones, rather she works to keep her own energies very clear and her vibrations lifted to allow the purest of energies (such as Ascended Masters) to step through and share their wisdom.