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Akashic Records Journeywork – 10 Week Live Online Course

Live Online With Zoom A live online event hosted with Zoom

This is a personal, in-depth transformation and healing journey course with a focus on self-discovery and healing.
The course is designed to help students develop greater confidence and understanding of working with the Akashic Records for personal and spiritual development and healing.
This course is open to students who have completed the "Learn to Access the Akashic Records" workshop, as we will be using the meditation ritual taught in the workshop. The course provides a structured exploration and practice of accessing your Akashic Records’ vast wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and healing so that you may achieve joy, inner peace and fulfilment.


Light Dynamics Level Two Course

Mystical Dragon 22 Heversham Drive, Seaford, VIC

Allow Level 2 Light Dynamics to deepen your awareness of being part of the whole. A fluid and open connection to your multi-dimensional higher-self-consciousness allows the power of Source Light to move through you more easily and with greater impact. You can then live and operate with a greater degree of awareness of your place within the whole.
What's more, you will gain greater clarity and courage to act and live in a way that best serves your progress along ascension. By connecting to your multi-dimensional Higher Self you will come to realize in a very personal way just why your life is so important, and why Source Light needs you to fulfil your path.