Upcoming Events

Spiritual Events are held throughout the year and faciliated by Jennifer. Events cover a number of spiritual interests, including ritual ceremonies, trance channeling nights and CE5 Skywatches.

Online LIVE Guided Ritual: Journey the Labyrinth with Goddess Hecate

The Labyrinth is an ancient and sacred practise of seeking answers and guidance. The Goddess Hecate is the light bearer who guides us when we feel we are lost or troubled in darkness.
Each year Jennifer normally facilitates a full labyrinth ritual ceremony, however this year we will be meeting online to take this spiritual journey with the Goddess Hecate.

Channelling Evening with Jennifer

An evening of trance channelled messages from Ascended Masters, Star Beings and High Vibrational Light Beings to bring through support and guidance for the Great Awakening.

Online LIVE Guided Ritual: Healing the Shadow Self with Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the prefect Divine Energy to assist in releasing those aspects of the shadow self and ego that cause suffering. Ritual participants connect with Lord Shiva, his powers, and his blessings to clear away ego attachments and heal the shadow aspects of the self.

Skywatch CE5 Nights

Public free Skywatch Nights for CE5 contact with Star Beings. As part of Jennifer’s CE5 contact course, students partcipate in a SkyWatch. These public Skywatch events are open to both past course students and their interested friends.

Light Dynamics Practice Nights

Light Dynamics is a spiritual system for Ascension with remarkable meditation and healing methods for rapid progress and connection to Source. Jennifer holds Light Dynamics practice nights throughout the year.