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Embrace Your Warrior Nature

The spiritual theme for November 2022 is to embrace your Peaceful Warrior.

We are smack bang in the middle of a rather intense Eclipse window which closes with a Lunar Eclipse on the Taurus Full Moon on 8 Nov. We have also entered the Mars Retrograde which will last until mid-January next year. This is a time for spiritual testing for many. Universe has set up cosmic energies to check the toxicity in our lives and is giving us the chance to assert our healthy boundaries.

Patterns will appear to repeat; however, this is just to check your lingering attachments. The key is to acknowledge and let go – defining your boundaries with greater and greater clarity and awareness.

The energy of the peaceful warrior encourages up to embrace our power, strength and justice and to move steadfastly with love and compassion despite the harshness, unkindness and stress we may face. Spiritual practices for cleansing, and protection are ideal to work with, as is calling on your spiritual and divine connections to keep you free of interference and harm.

This really feels like the end of a year-long alignment process – where this finishing stage is one of strengthening how you anchor and uphold your higher-self integration in your daily life in a sustainable way.

This November is also a time to dream our bigger, brighter future. The Sagittarius New Moon on 24 Nov is a time for optimism and hope. This New Moon invites you to leave the painful parts of your past behind and envision a bigger, brighter future. It’s a time for letting go of old pain, moving on and planting the seeds of optimism. The Sagittarius New Moon offers hope and all the wonderful things that hope brings. Instead of just seeing a situation as it is, you will be able to imagine what your situation could be. It is a time to be optimistic, believe in yourself and your dreams, and let go of the old. This is a great time to do vision boards and start planning for your end of year holidays and even your grander long-term plans, goals and aspirations into 2023.

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Thanks for reading, and happy November!

Many Blessings,