Learn to Access the Akashic Records for Healing

Next Workshop: 2-5pm Saturday February 8, 2020

The Akashic Records are a vast dynamic repository of information about every soul and its journey across lifetimes. For thousands of years and across many cultures, mystics, masters, sages, and truth seekers have read and accessed the Akashic Records.

This workshop will teach you about the Akashic Records and how to access your own records for information and also learn some healing techniques for working with the Akashic Records for healing in the present and to heal past lives. The workshop introduced you to the Light Beings who oversee the Records and can be called upon to assist you with accessing and working with your Akashic Record.

It is recommended that students of this course only have a light meal, avoid too much caffeine and drink plenty of water before class, to help raise their vibrations to get the most out of class.

Course Topics:

  • Discussion on the Akashic Records including what they are, the Light Beings you may encounter and ways to access your records
  • Be guided through a candle invocation ritual and meditation to access your Akashic Records
  • Time to debrief and journal write your experience

This workshop runs for 3 hours and is being held at Mystical Dragon in Seaford, Victoria. Only $30 to enrol plus $30 balance. Mystical Dragon does offer a payment plan option to students who attend this course. Bookings are essential. To book your place contact Mystical Dragon on 03 9782 5091 or book online.