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Soul Healing Intensive Program

The Soul Healing Intensive Program (SHIP) is your ticket to rapid soul development and spiritual transformation. Delivered as a self-paced online course, SHIP has been channelled through Jennifer and her connection to the Star Beings.
Over 5 stages, SHIP offers soul purification, respite, protection, renewal, and initiation. You’ll receive powerful healing meditation tracks, power affirmations, and photos of working crystal grids to support your daily spiritual practices through the program. Plus, the program manuals offers guidance for self-reflection and contemplation for each of the stages, including specific weekly self-care to improve integration and spiritual momentum.
Get ready to super charge your ascension process and experience the spiritual journey of a lifetime!


Learn to Access the Akashic Records

This workshop will teach you how to access your Akashic Record, work with the Light Beings who see over the Records and even learn to heal your life and to heal past lives with. Learn to tap into the vast wealth of wisdom, knowledge and healing available through the Akashic Records for your joy, inner peace and fulfilment.