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Light Dynamics Website Revamp

It’s always exciting to get new clothes, crystals or a new deck of oracle cards. That’s the feeling I have now for my re-vamped Light Dynamics website. The new course dates for 2019 are also now online.

More so than ever before we can feel the urgency to prepare our whole Being for our evolution that is Ascension. The need to shift into the more holistic high vibe way of living is now such an imperative for ourselves, our integrity to our souls and the very future of life on Earth for all humanity and all life we share Earth with.

I have also set up a new mail server for the new Free Monthly Spiritual Program and Light Dynamics newsletter. Read more…

I hope you like the new-look Light Dynamics website.

Brightest of Blessings,


PS: Looking for more information and books on Ascension? I made a custom search for you -> Check out these on