Awakening to the Light

At the Moonlit Pentacle you will find Jennifer; a spiritual teacher and way-shower Lightworker. Jennifer’s Lightworker mission focuses on assisting the Great Awakening; helping people to open up to their full spiritual potential and preparing for Ascension.

Jennifer teaches a wide variety of spiritual courses and workshops in-person and live online, and also sees clients for healings and readings live online and at Mystical Dragon in Seaford, Victoria, Australia.

Important News: Face to Face Consultations

Face-to-face consultations will not be available until next year 2022.
When in-person appointments open again, clients will be required to provide their details for the contact tracing attendance log. CovidSafe policies apply and clients will be informed prior to their appointment.

Online Bookings are also unavailable until 10 Jan 2022, however they can be booked online in advance.